Read Foundation


NGO / Third Sector


READ Foundation are a charity dedicated to providing education to children across Asia who cannot afford to become educated or secure jobs.

Similar to the other charity organisations READ Foundation needed to centralise their design and marketing to bring an element of consistency but also strategic thinking to help grow the charity as it was dedicated to education only unlike other charities focused on many aspects. When READ Foundation first approached us they had a brand but a fragmented one, our aim was to bring this all together into a solid format and then build off it into different areas and standardising the design theme for them.

Working with READ Foundation was insightful and challenging as we had to break the barrier that charity isn’t just with the poor and needy but also with education. A child who cannot be educated is a child who has no future, and this was the approach we took when launching Ramadan campaigns. Strategic design was key, an outside the box approach to break down the market and its consumers to help understand and we did this via video, print, events, online and social media.

  • Design & Communication
  • Social Media
  • Web Development

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