Ibraheem Toy House


Retail / e-commerce


Ibraheem Toy House is the largest Islamic toy store in the world, having started as a small family business it has now grown to having over 200 different products from 30 suppliers across the world.

When Brand786 approached Ibraheem Toy House, the brand was established as a mum at home start-up, our goal was to turn the tables and help reform the brand into a full time business, increasing growth, sales and brand awareness.

Every great brand requires a team and our first step was to put the Brand786 team fully behind the brand, on multiple levels transforming its creative, marketing and communication to customers and suppliers. Very quickly after re-launching the website and its creative communication it was no longer a mum at home brand but a fully scaled, internationally shipping ecommerce store with it’s own fulfilment centre. The Brand786 team have been integral to the brands growth and over the years. The creative & marketing team have successfully produced significant increase in sales whether that is via email marketing, social media marketing or at events with online and offline campaigns.

  • Design & Communication
  • Social Media
  • Web Development

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