Halal Monitoring Committee


Social Enterprise


HMC are an established not for profit who ensure the meats and products they certify are genuinely Halal by monitoring, inspecting and certifying for the benefit of the Muslim community.

In a market where there is a difference of opinion, Brand786 approached HMC to help them communicate to the Muslim market about the importance of Halal and why HMC should be certifying their products. Our goal was to not only ensure the branding was aligned across communication but to effectively communicate via social media platforms raising awareness of what HMC do but the core reason as to why they exist and to attract more businesses.

The output was HMC’s brand evolving into not only a certifying body but a platform for education on what is Halal, how it affects the consumer and the ability for consumers to easily locate halal certified and non-certified businesses. Through print and digital consumers took a great liking to the developed brand and
their social media presence grew in numbers and followers.

  • Design & Communication
  • Social Media

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