Dessert Island


Food & Beverage


Dessert Island are a recognised single store dessert parlour offering unique but affordable desserts to the local community in East London.

Having built up a reputable brand, Dessert Island wanted to re-brand but needed to change up the scene to work on attracting new customers who have an eye for atmosphere as well as food. With an element of free reign, the client looked to us for inspiration and guidance on the project, maintaining the brand feel but upgrading to allow newer customers to engage not only from a taste perspective but an experience.

Our approach was to allow the brand to speak via its packaging and use of the fifth element. People engage with brands and this leads to experience, we wanted to allow the customers to feel the brand via its open and simple communication. Not only is the brand adaptable over the time but it can stay relevant without having to drastically change, keeping in mind the original goal.

  • Branding
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